A frog, another frog, more frogs?! Yes, right now you find yourself on the website of the figurative painter Jasper Oostland who apparently 'has something' with tree frogs. The red-eyed tree frog (Agalychnis callidryas) is starring in most of his colourful paintings. When you look a bit further, you will see that other animals take part in his collection as well. You will find: cats, dogs, birds, reptiles or any other animal.

The works are figurative. They are painted in a realistic style with many layers of acrylic paint. The images are alienating and surreal.

Jasper’s art is continually on exhibition, in Groningen and in other locations of the Netherlands. See exhibitions

In the webshop you can order everything from postcards to calendars and reproductions (giclées). For the original work or a commissioned painting please get into contact.

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Have fun!

Latest paintings: Traveller, Traveller II, Cat with necklace and Heart cat ghosts.